Pure Vision Arts is Manhattan’s first specialized art studio and exhibition space for artists with autism and other developmental challenges. PVA provides studio space, art materials, exhibition opportunities, and career development for beginning, emerging and established artists. Pure Vision Arts also serves as a resource and consultation center for artists, educators, art collectors and curators.

PVA’s mission aligns similarly with ours, to support the artists and to support a cause greater than ourselves – Autism spectrum disorder. By working with PVA we believe that together we can begin to achieve these two goals. It is imperative to include the artistic voices of those on the autism spectrum in the contemporary art narrative today. We believe that Art is for Everyone regardless of circumstance, and we will honor our commitment by donating 30% of our proceeds to Pure Vision Arts. However, raising money is not the only initiative we feel needs to be taken; we are excited and honored to be exhibiting our work alongside PVA artists here at the dollhouse. Please reach out with anything you’d like to add or contribute regarding this cause. We hope that the dollhouse can provide a space to bring our voices together with those of the makers at Pure Vision Arts and present a show that is unique, exciting, and inclusive.  

Visit Pure Vision Arts’ website here.